Quad Quantizer

Quad Quantizer

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Due to the semiconductor shortage, we are, unfortunately, having to pause the production of Quad Quantizers. Hopefully, we will find a solution to this soon! Thanks for your patience.


A four-channel CV quantizer

The new Quad Quantizer from tenderfoot electronics is a versatile 4-channel CV quantizer.

This module has custom note selection, 12 pre-programmed scales and key transpositions that can be manually selected, or CV selected via the associated CV inputs.

Each channel features:
CV input - which accepts the input you wish to quantize
trigger input - which samples and holds the current voltage at the CV input (left unpatched, the quantizer continually processes the CV input)
CV output - where your freshly tuned and reordered CV will emerge to go on to your VCO or otherwise in your modular system.
trigger output - where a trigger signal is outputted every time a new CV value is produced at the CV output.

The encoder allows you to select various notes within the scale, with the left-hand button adding or deleting the selected note.

The right-hand button has multiple functions:

long press (2 seconds) - deletes all of the currently selected notes to leave you with a blank canvas.
middle press (1/2 second) - quick-saves the current selected notes into memory.
momentary press - this switches between the current panel settings and the settings saved in the quick menu.

Transpose and Scale CV controls are scaled to work from 0-5V, so no need to worry about quantizing these inputs. Throw an LFO or S&H into them to see what happens!

Width: 12HP

Depth: 32mm

Current draw:

  • 101 mA +12V
  • 10 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V

Click here to download the Manual!