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Trigseq-1 is a fast-to-use 16-step trigger sequencer with a feature set that enables highly interactive drum and trigger programming.

Trigseq-1 takes advantage of individual probability controls for each channel to add some spice and variety to whatever unique patterns you program in!

With its included port expander, the Trigseq-1 gives you up to 8 channels to play with.

*16 steps, all fully programmable for each of the 8 channels.
*16 quick save/load slots for instant saving and loading of patterns whilst still performing.
*Swing control to give your pattern some...swing!
*Fill mode to free up the channel control buttons to throw some live performance fills into the mix! The speed of fill repeats is set by the ratchet dial while in fill mode.
*Live record mode, hold the fill button down for 1.5 seconds to switch into live record mode. Play the buttons to enter triggers on the fly!
*Global reset point programmable from the main interface.
*Global ratchet repeat number set for all channels.

Parameters assignable for each channel:
*Positive probability influences the chance that the steps you have programmed in will fire or not.
*Negative probability influences the chance of a blank step firing to add some randomized fills to your pattern.
*Ratcheting probability influences the chance that one of your positive steps will ratchet (no. of ratchets is set globally).

(If you don't feel like taking any chances with your patterns, just set the Positive dial to 100% and the Negative dial to 0% and you're in more traditional sequencing waters.)

Read the manual here

Width: 12HP + 6HP 

Depth: 32mm

Current draw:

  • 43 mA +12V
  • 0 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V