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'Add' is a 4HP cascading voltage adder/mixer.

Add allows you to bring together up to nine different signals into one output and works great on 1V/oct CV.

The cascading channels allow you to configure Add as:
*1 channel: 9 inputs into one output.
*2 channels: 3 inputs into one output, and 6 inputs into another output.
*3 channels: 3 separate 3-to-1 mixers.

Add handles DC just as well as it handles AC:
*Use it for audio (Add has no level controls, so control these with your upstream modules if needed to avoid clipping)
*Use it to mix CV signals to make more complex modulation sources.
*Use it to mix multiple 1V/Oct CV signals for more complex melodic sequences.

Front-access trim pots allow you to dial in a zero-offset position for each channel.

Each Add channel will max out at +/-10V, so any sum of inputs exceeding this will be clipped.


Width: 4HP

Depth: 21mm 

Current draw (+12V) = 42mA

Current draw (-12V) = 42mA