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FAFF - Multimode Filter & VCA

FAFF - Multimode Filter & VCA

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FAFF is a versatile multimode filter and VCA that will take you to a number of sonic destinations. The selectable clipping diodes and ability to boost the gain bring you into the realms of overdrive, grit, and pure crunch. 

Available modes are:

4-pole Low Pass

2-pole Low Pass

2-pole High Pass

2-pole Band Pass

Phaser for when you want to get a bit weird!

 FAFF is able to self-oscillate when the resonance is turned up, and the Freq2 CV input can track 1V/OCT, meaning you can use this filter as a VCO. Turning the mode dial and playing with the gain takes you from a simple sinewave to some much more interesting timbres. Add to this the onboard VCA, and all you need is an envelope generator to use this as a voice! 

FAFF also has a LP bass boost switch to recover the low frequencies usually lost in filters at high resonance.


  • 8HP & 33mm depth
  • 29mA +12V, 29mA -12V
  • 5-position rotary switch to select filter function
  • 2/4-Pole low pass filters, 2 pole high pass and band pass filters, a phaser mode
  • Self-oscillates and tracks 1V/Oct
  • Clipping diodes for overdrive!
  • LP Boost

Manual coming soon!