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Source & Confluence: VCO & Wave Mixer

Source & Confluence: VCO & Wave Mixer

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3340 based VCO and VCLFO plus Wave mixer expander

Source is the new 10HP VCO from Tenderfoot Electronics.

Features include:

Knobs and switches:
12-position octave dial for a huge range of frequencies.
Fine tune dial with a range of just over 1 octave to help you easily find the right pitch
VCO / LFO switch.
Frequency Range of 18kHz (VCO mode) down to around 180 seconds per cycle (LFO mode)
Pulsewidth Dial
Sub select switch (-1oct, -2oct, -2oct 25%pulse)
Soft / Hard sync

CV inputs:
Exponential FM (with attenuator)
Linear FM (with attenuator)
Pulse width modulation (with attenuator)
Sync input

Saw (down ramp)
Pulse / Square
Sub (square / pulse)

When getting hold of your source VCO, you will also get its expansion module Confluence in the same box! No need for an additional purchase.

Confluence adds 2 channels of waveshape mixing to your Source VCO along with a white noise generator. The output crossfader allows you to seamlessly morph between the 2 mixer channels for evolving waveshapes (using this in LFO mode gives you a wild CV source!).

Source: 10HP

Max Current Draw:

+12V: 43mA

-12V: 33mA

+5V: 0mA


Confluence: 8HP

Max Current Draw:

+12V: 39mA

-12V: 27mA

+5V: 0mA

Arriving in August 2021